Leyla ile Mecnun confession from Ali Atay that surprised everyone!
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5 October 2022 01:24


Leyla ile Mecnun confession from Ali Atay that surprised everyone!

September 3, 2021 is an important date for the fans of Leyla ile Mecnun series… The new era of the series begins on the Exxen platform… Ten years after 2011, the series will be presented to the audience again. Leyla ile Mecnun, whose 104 episodes were shot, have been in such great demand for years that Acun Ilıcalı, who realized this, took his step.

The interest in the new episodes of Leyla ile Mecnun, shot for Exxen, is also high. While Ali Atay was trying to get rid of the Mecnun character for years, he suddenly found himself in this character again.

The actor, whom we watched as Prosecutor Selim in the Son Yaz series broadcast on Fox TV last season, performed very well in the production of the drama.

After the first season of this series, the actor started the series Leyla ile Mecnun, which was started to be shot again upon insistence. The actor, who met with the old team again, also made an important confession.

Speaking to Hakan Gence from Hürriyet, Ali Atay describes the re-starting of Leyla ile Mecnun shootings as very strange for himself. Because Ali Atay made great efforts to get rid of the Majnun character for years.

The actor actually made a confession, saying, “I found myself trying to remember the character when I started acting again while trying to get rid of Mecnun for years.”

Stating that he started to think about how the character tones his voice, Ali Atay said, “I am Mecnun inside me, I am inside Mecnun. I don’t look too fondly at characters who don’t look like me anyway.”

Answering the questions about how the new period of the series will be, Ali Atay said:

“Same. As a story flow, it develops depending on the wind. In Mecnun, I act the most ignorant character on earth. A man who says “I only know how to fall in love”. But he has great wisdom and terrible courage. They just continue where they left off.”

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