A risky period has begun for the Ada Masalı!
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1 October 2022 23:53


A risky period has begun for the Ada Masalı!

One of the TV series that took place on the screen during the summer and affected many viewers was the Ada Masalı. The viewers, who admire the duo of Alp Navruz and Ayça Ayşin Turan, want to see them on the screen for longer.

The ratings of the series, which aired on Star TV on Tuesday evenings, are not going well. Although it has attracted a significant audience, it is remarkable that the series did not reach the proportions that could survive in the winter period.

A new era begins for the Ada Masalı series with September… You can think of this new period as staying afloat and getting away from the final possibility by experiencing a rise with new viewers.

The fans of the two successful actors send many messages to Star TV to continue the series. Expressing the low ratings of the series on social media, the fans invite the audience to the screen with various announcements.

The Ada Masalı series attracted a lot of attention when it first started, but the problems experienced in the script caused some of these viewers to leave the production.

With September, the winter series will return to the screen. Thus, a difficult new period will begin for the Ada Masalı.

Everyone knows that there is a final possibility, but no one knows how long Star TV will drag the series.

Here is the second trailer from the 11th episode, which will be broadcast on Tuesday, August 31 at 20:00:

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