They shot a drama as if they were chatting on the set of Leyla ile Mecnun!
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3 October 2022 18:59


They shot a drama as if they were chatting on the set of Leyla ile Mecnun!

When the TV series Leyla ile Mecnun was first broadcast in 2011, it was supported by a wide audience.

Working on the Leyla ile Mecnun series during the summer, the team will meet with the audience on September 3 at Exxen. Those who expect a new story in the new era, where all the old crew of the series are involved, would be wrong. In fact, Leyla ile Mecnun were like a continuing project from where it left off.

Ali Atay states that they had a lot of fun on the set and that they were very pleased to be reunited. The famous actor, who acted the character of Mecnun, worked in the summer period after an impressive TV series like Son Yaz.

Ali Atay expressed the secret of Leyla ile Mecnun’s great demand from the audience as follows:

“There was no single reason. I’ve always been a believer in team power, and here it was. A language was created. This greatly strengthened the sense of humor of the work. Everyone knew each other very well, we shot a drama as if we were chatting. And we saw the big advantage.”

As Ali Atay said, the series was shot as if they were chatting. The team already knows each other closely and the audience is eagerly awaiting the new season of Leyla ile Mecnun, which will start on September 3.

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