Like Masumlar Apartmanı, Melisa Şenolsun has many TV shows that she refused and regretted!
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5 October 2022 13:04


Like Masumlar Apartmanı, Melisa Şenolsun has many TV shows that she refused and regretted!

Famous actress Melisa Şenolsun joined the series Masumlar Apartmanı in the second season. The actress, who plays the character of Rüya in the story, is finishing another project and will start to evaluate the offers for new jobs.

It turned out that the character of Rüya will leave the story of Masumlar Apartmanı. It’s time for Melisa Şenolsun to leave the story. At the very beginning of the series, there was a claim that the actress turned down the offer for the character of İnci, played by Farah Zeynep Abdullah.

Melisa Şenolsun took part in the cast of the series in the second season and made a good debut. The words of the actress regarding the choices she made in the youtube program presented by Meriç Aral and Efe Tunçer draw attention. When Melisa Şenolsun sees how effective the TV series that she receives and does not accept are effective, she thinks that she is the person who makes the most wrong decisions in this life.

Answering the question about abduction of life, the beautiful actress stated that this situation has become indispensable for her.

Melisa Şenolsun stated that many TV series projects that she did not accept came to a very good place with the following statement, and she talked about her troubles in making a choice:

“There are so many of them that if I’m going to be a therapist for you, it will be necessary to choose the topics. I even have the feeling that I make all the wrong decisions in nature. I am a staunch believer in astrology; my sign is Libra, my ascendant is Scorpio, my chart is also incredibly complex.

Therefore, I always choose one of the many jobs and when the other works start to air, I say ‘Yes, I made a great decision again’ because whenever there is a job that I did not choose, it sticks to it and it blows up on the screens that season. Of course, I always choose projects by following my heart, but I can’t escape this situation either.”

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