Artists News Listen to Barış Arduç’s fatherhood from his wife Gupse Özay!

Listen to Barış Arduç’s fatherhood from his wife Gupse Özay!


Famous actor couple Barış Arduç and Gupse Özay are on their way to a completely different life after the birth of their daughter Jan Asya. Gupse Özay, who took a break from her career for a while because she took care of her daughter Jan Asya, who was born in September 2022, made her smile by saying, “There is someone I love more than my husband in my life” in her joke about her daughter.

Gupse Özay, describing how much Jan Asya changed her life, even with these words, expressed that she had interesting feelings. The famous actress said, “For a person like me who lives with comedy, a perfect emotionality has joined my life. My eyes are filled with love,” she said.

Explaining that he will make a movie as a gift for mothers, Gupse Özay aims to show everyone what motherhood is like in this movie.

Gupse Özal said, “Let me use my materials, I have experienced very strange things. You will see them all in the movie,” she said.

Barış Arduç for his 9-month-old daughter said, “I’m in love with my wife, and it’s great for me that she looks like my wife. May she be in good health and good luck.”

Explaining that her looks and eyes are similar to her father, Gupse Özay said, “I think she’s dad,” and admitted that her daughter looks like Barış Arduç’s.

Barış Arduç, who had a very successful process with the Alparslan Great Seljuk TV series, became one of the names who were most happy to take a break from the set.

Barış Arduç, who has the opportunity to see his daughter more now, is happy with the situation. Gupse Özay said, “As I predicted, he became a father. He is very involved, funny, does everything, has nothing to shy away from. He wanted to see more, he saw less because of the set. Now he will see more.”