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5 July 2022 18:18


A Little Murder series released the 18th episode 1 trailer

We will watch the 18th episode of The Small Murders, starring Mert Firat, Aslıhan Gürbüz, Gökçe Bahadır, Bade İşçil and Tülin Özen, on Tuesday, February 27 at 20:00.

Here is chapter 1, part 1:


Great clap in the vine!

Burcu, pregnant news falls like a bomb on the site! Immediately ridden. Who will stand next to the ex-wife, who will pass by the mistress! The war turns into the Oya – Merve fight with the speed of light. Merve is using all his powers while he is pushing on the side. The grass is crushing while the follies are hitting. The desire that is constantly oppressed to this day is becoming monstrous now. Merve’s burglar is finally catching someone. And with proof. When Merve is walking like a storm, who is going to attract the place? Is it Pelin or Oya?

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