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6 July 2022 09:49


Women’s series 18th episode 3 trailer released! Sarp has a twin?

Among the popular series of Fox TV, starring Özge Özpirinçci, Bennur Yıldırımlar and Caner Cindoruk, the Woman released the 18 th episode 3, which will be screened at 20 pm on Tuesday, February 27,


Hatice, asking Bahar to leave the house because of his cute face, can not know what to do in the face of Bahar’s reaction and he is ashamed. Enver, who is squeezed by the lies of Shirin, can not stop his anger against Shirin after he learned from Hikmet. Enver decides not to believe that Shirin has ever said anything, and makes a distinction with Smurf. On every bad day of spring, Arif, who is next to him, needs to be with Bahar this time. This bad case brings Bahar and Arif closer. After all the cute ones, he makes one more move instead of correcting the lies he says. Having realized this, Enver decides to be with Bahar, not Sirin. The hard days are waiting for Bahar, who decides to return to his old house.

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