Series News Turkish TV Series Are Large Income Gate

Turkish TV Series Are Large Income Gate


Our writer EceEr wrote:

“Turkish series”, Turkey is the service industry. In the last decade, the industry has made a huge leap in the world rankings behind the United States, known as the World Series Giant.

I am aware of the Turkish series that finds more than 140 countries.

The reason is that the country that follows me is as colorful as the rainbow of the citizens. Our sequences from every continent; From the USA to Russia, from the Balkans to the Middle East and from the Far East to Latin America, spread throughout the world.

The export revenue from the Turkish series, which is followed by millions of people, is over 350 million dollars annually.

The Middle East and North African countries are at the forefront of the territories in which the Turkish series is exported.

Eastern Europe, Western Europe, Asia, USA and Latin America follow this region, respectively. The Latin American social media, which is a very hot group, also show this effect.

The most sold and meet with the audience are: I Named Her Feriha, “Silver”, “What is Fatmagül’s Crime?”, “Ezel” and “Endless Love”.

“Endless Love”, at the International Emmy Award for “the best foreign series” by taking the award was a great honor to have lived in Turkey.

With the last award added to this success chart, the Turkish serials became dominant in the world series sector.

The following dates are seen and bought in Latin America: Magnificent Century – Kösem (El Sultan), A Love Story, Our Story (Nuestra Historia), Women, Inside, What is Fatmagül’s Crime ?, Ezel,

The Turkish serial sector has been showing a dizzying development since 2010.

While the Turkish series provide great benefits to the country’s economy, it draws attention to our country and revives tourism.

I think those who find the Turkish series to be absurd now notice a great economic return lip bending.

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