Artists News Ezel confession coming years after Barış Falay! He read “No shame”, his life has changed!

Ezel confession coming years after Barış Falay! He read “No shame”, his life has changed!


Barış Falay is one of the experienced actors of the TV series world. The successful actor, who has acted in many TV series, made his debut with the unforgettable series Ezel. However, Barış Falay made a very interesting confession years later about the series that brought him great success.

Barış Falay, who recently appeared on the screen with the series Menajerimi Ara (Call My Manager) and has been away from the sets for a while, was a guest of Uğur Arslan’s Afara program on Kanal D. In his conversation here, Barış Falay made an important statement about the Ezel series, which he took part in 13 years ago and where his career made an important debut.

Barış Falay admitted that he refused the first offer from the Ezel series. He even said he didn’t read the script. Stating that Ezel did not withdraw that year and the offer came again the next year, Falay stated that this time he read the script so that it would not be a shame, and continued as follows:

“I said, ‘It’s not a shame to read it. While I was reading, Esra (Ronabar) was inside, I called out. I said alas… She said it was that good. I said that if this doesn’t work, I won’t read the drama again.” Thus, Barış Falay admitted that he was struck the moment he read the script.

Barış Falay started appearing on the sets with the series Çiçek Taksi in 1995. The actor, who attracted a lot of attention with the character of Mücahit in the Aliye series, made his main popularity with the character of Ali in the Ezel series.

The actor, who was also very popular with the character of Selim Serez in the series Medcezir, also showed his talents in the character of Harun in the TV series Paramarça (Shattered). The actor, who is known to be selective about taking part in TV series, appeared on the screen last season with the character of Kıraç in the project called Menajerimi Ara.