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7 July 2022 01:00


The Women series will spread to the world with its excellent story!

Özge Özpirinçci, Caner Cindoruk and Bennu Yıldırımlar are in the leading position in the Women’s lineup.

Sarp, his wife, who thought that Bahar was on the line, reappeared. Recent developments in the series are causing different debates on social media agenda.

The followers who can not be indifferent to what Arif does for Bahar are not very pleased with Sarp’s appearance as Alp.

Arif ran to Bahar whenever he needed help, and he gained the appreciation of those who followed him with his naive attitudes and behaviors.

Bahar and Arif are so closely related that the viewer does not like Sarp’s appearance.

Sarp chasing after the Bahar and his children pissed off the audience.

Sarp has a wife and children.

The reason why you have not been searching for Bahar so long has not yet arisen.

Arif and Bahar have great support for the relations sprouting up in difficult conditions.

“I wish Sarp had never appeared, would have died” comments are often shared.

An audience wants to remember that Bahar is the labor of love and wants to choose Arif, who is working hard for him.

Bahar, will Sarp come up with answers to your questions?

Is there a very valid reason for Sarp to cleanse him?

Will she stay between Arif and Sarp at the end of Bahar and who will choose?

All these questions have already begun to confuse the minds.

Woman series in recent years is among the most acclaimed series in Turkey.

Do not be surprised if the Women’s series starts in the near future on television channels around the world …

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