Many famous names follow Engin Akyürek's path! Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu will make a big surprise very soon!
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1 February 2023 22:09


Many famous names follow Engin Akyürek’s path! Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu will make a big surprise very soon!

Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu played the character of Elçin Hatun in the TV series Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu (Awakening Great Seljuk). However, the actress, who went abroad after this project and did not accept the offers that came to her for a long time, explained that she created a story with her husband Ceyhun Ergun. She also announced that they got married abroad with actress Ceyhun Ergun.

The actress, who stepped into the sets with the TV series Es Es in 2008, received great acclaim with the character of Songül in the Karadayı series. The actress, whom we watched in the TV series Kiralık Aşk (Love for Rent), also attracted a lot of attention with the character of Pelin in the TV series Tatlı İntikam (Sweet Revenge).

Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu, who also gave effective performances in the TV series Bu Şehir Arkandan Gelecek and Kızım (My Girl), has not been seen on the sets since the TV series Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu, which aired in the 2020-2021 season.

Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu, who participated in the promotion of her friend Cansu Tosun’s underwear brand, announced that everything was fine in her life and she was in good spirits. The actress announced that they have been working on a story with her lover in the last 2 years.

The actress said, “We are currently negotiating with its. It’s a science fiction business we’re dealing with. Its work is currently ongoing. We also write a comedy business, I don’t stop, I work. I wanted to move on to this side of the business a little bit, not just acting, but a bit of production and screenwriting,” she said.

Many famous actors have been working more actively to produce new projects as producers lately. We also know that some actors write their own scripts and come up with their own stories.

For example, Engin Akyürek’s series Escape was scripted based on a story written by the famous actor in 2017.

Leyla Lydia Tuğutlu also does not want to take part in her career only as an actress and takes important steps in both production and screenwriting.

The fate of Tuğutlu’s science fiction story is unknown, but the actress underlined that this genre is very difficult. Tuğutlu said, “The process will be difficult for us, it needs to go to the right person, it needs to go to the right audience.”

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