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9 August 2022 13:42


Maraşlı “wasted” in Turkey, in the words of the audience, will be broadcast in the USA!

It has been months since the Maraşlı series, which was broadcast on ATV and starring Alina Boz and Burak Deniz, ended. However, the series is still being talked about. The Maraşlı TV series, which viewers say has “been right”, will be screened in the US very soon.

Described as one of the most unlucky TV series of the screens, the Maraşlı TV series was not valued in Turkey, but continues to be shown in many countries abroad. The series, which has been shown in different countries until today, will soon be shown in the USA. The series will be shown in the United States, as well as Puerto Rico and Bolivia.

The Maraşlı series is expected to be very popular in these countries. The ratings of Maraşlı, which was shown in countries such as Brazil, Romania, Israel, South Africa and Namibia, in the new countries where it will be broadcast, are a matter of great curiosity.

TIMS&B Productions produced the Maraşlı TV series starring Alina Boz and Burak Deniz. Especially Mahur, played by Alina Boz, and Maraşlı Celal, played by Burak Deniz, blended in very well with each other and conquered the hearts of the audience.

The Maraşlı TV series broke a record in sales at the MIPCOM Fair, which took place in Cannes, France and where TV series from all over the world were showcased. After the fair started, Maraşlı, which was sold to more than 35 countries in just two days, took the first place among Turkish TV series.

The old episodes of Maraşlı have recently started to be screened again in Turkey. The comeback of the series, which aired on the A2 channel every weekday evening at 22:20, caused great joy among the fans.

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