Series News The poster of Mehmed The Conqueror was published

The poster of Mehmed The Conqueror was published


Followers of [Mehmed The Conqueror] are eagerly awaiting the tv series

The latest news from the series is the banner image …

[Mehmed The Conqueror], who was inspired by the life of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, who turned off a revolution with the conquest of Istanbul and opened a turn, created excitement.

The general story of [Mehmed The Conqueror], which tells us that the Sultan lived on the road to the zaff,

In 1451, Sultan Mehmed had a great dream when he took the news of his father’s death and headed towards Manisa from Edirne. Conquering Constantinople, the pupil of the world. But it is difficult to overcome in front of your big dream, and big obstacles will emerge.

Constantinople is a city that has been surrounded for many centuries. However, neither of them could overcome the strong walls, nor could the ships pass through huge chains in the Golden Horn.

Mehmed did not struggle against the Byzantine Empire alone and the Christian world behind him to get the city. The biggest opposition within the state had to fight against the mighty Vizier Halil Pasha.

Much beyond his age Sultan Mehmed advanced his mind with his intellect, his military and strategic genius, his belief in zafere, and all kinds of obstacles. Two years after he became head of state, he surrounded the city, conquering Constantinople after a siege lasting only 53 days. It carries out the biggest dream and prints its name.

After that day Sultan Mehmed Khan, who was known as Fatih, opened a new age gate with this victory. For centuries it created a great empire that would rule the continent.