Mehmed The Conqueror drama series started
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5 October 2022 02:32


Mehmed The Conqueror drama series started

[Mehmed The Conqueror] last news …

Turkey launches some time in the first part was published directory structures.

The first episode, which was broadcasted on Kanal D television, received great acclaim.

The directors are the following players: Kenanİmirzalıoğlu. ÇetinTekindor, GürkanUygun, BüşraDeveli, HazalFilizKüçükköse …

The battle scenes in the first part of the series that depicts Sultan Mehmed’s life also have their breathes cut.

The first part of the series was the most talked about topic on Twitter. The series on the TT world list on Twitter was very popular with viewers.

In the first part of the series, the traps set up on Sultan Mehmed, who was on the throne after his father’s death, came to the screen.

The scenes in which Sultan Mehmed crossed the sea in the dark by calculating the eclipse of the moon affected the audience.

Serious war takes place in the 2nd Kosovo battle.

The army, led by Mehmed, is very lost, but the victory of the war becomes a party to the separation.

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