Series News Mehmed The Conqueror series took great risks

Mehmed The Conqueror series took great risks


The writings of our writer Ece Er:

We will watch Mehmed The Conqueror on the Channel D screens on Tuesday, March 20, 2018.

I think it’s better to wait this long. After…
The end of the season will remain on the screens for 12-13 weeks. Will you get the money for this series? But there are obligations, the series has to go into the bow!

If there was only a series addressing the domestic market, perhaps some more shots were postponed, staggered and started.

But there are many countries waiting to publish this directory. Even banners made more noise in the sectoral festival in Cannes. Buyer countries have entered the queue and need to make them happy.

Maybe not as I thought it would be!

Mehmed The Conqueror series, which I think will go to the season finals with 12-13 episodes, will probably continue to broadcast and will also be on screen during the summer months.

I do not even like that idea.

Maybe it will go early and Tuesday nights will be the sole control! How early? By the beginning of September … I do not like that either!

Or it may be, we return to the childhood years of Fatih, who conquered Istanbul with Kenan İmirzalıoğlu, and caste change is made. No, it never happened!

I guess it’s been a while since I figured out these things!

By the way, the images, photos, image studies, decorations, accessories … They gathered well in such a short time. Health for the whole team!
Then it falls to me to wish you good luck for this production. I hope everything goes well and it stays in the 4-5 season screens and joins the successful knees caravan.

With your wish that your successes in life will be continuous …

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