Mehmet Yilmaz Ak has lost himself to the character of Prosecutor Pars in the Yargı TV series!
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2 December 2022 18:39


Mehmet Yilmaz Ak has lost himself to the character of Prosecutor Pars in the Yargı TV series!

Mehmet Yılmaz Ak, who attracted great attention with the character of Prosecutor Pars in the series Yargı (Judgment), was among those who went to watch the theater play in which Hüseyin Avni Danyal and Başak Daşman took part in the past days. The actor, who gave a very successful performance in the TV series Yargı, which met with the audience on the Kanal D screen on Sunday evenings, received the support of millions.

Expressing their appreciation for the character on social media, “If you ask how a prosecutor should be, he should be like Pars,” and thousands of laudatory comments stating that Mehmet Yılmaz Ak’s role did justice to it.

While the character of Pars was one of the most striking names in the series, Mehmet Yılmaz Ak became one of the most important names in the series by integrating with his role. The actor made a humorous statement and stated that he started to see himself as a prosecutor now.

Speaking about his character, the actor said, “The character also has a journey. You start with something, it can evolve into something. The audience’s reaction can also change. I’m starting to think that I’m a prosecutor now. We live in such strange situations, it is funny but beautiful”.

Explaining that he did not do anything other than the series, the actor said, “We will make the season finale at 34. Thank goodness it’s going well. It’s busy but we’re in good spirits. We are all happy with the good rating results,” he said.

The new episode of the Yargı series will not be broadcast on Sunday, May 1st. The 31st episode of the series, which will air on May 8, is expected to take a summer break by making the season finale on Sunday, May 29.

According to the plans, the team of the series will come together again at the end of August and start shooting the second season, and it is expected that the series will meet with the audience again in September with new episodes.

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