Series News Melis Sezen’s farewell to the series became emotional!

Melis Sezen’s farewell to the series became emotional!


Melis Sezen, one of the successful young names of recent years, has appeared in two series this season. The first one was the Sevgili Geçmix, which started at the beginning of the season, but this series was short-lived. Melis Sezen announced her name in 2020 with the series Ya İstiklal Ya Ölüm.

The series, which was broadcast as 6 episodes on TRT1 screens, made a final on Monday evening, April 20. The famous actress, who gave life to the character of Nazan, was very proud to take part in this production, which tells about the years of the National Struggle.

The actress, who loved the character of Nazan, published a farewell message after the finale of the series.The actress, who appreciated the performance of the audience, thanked all the teammates with whom she worked.

Melis Sezen says the farewell to the series:

“Nazan … I loved your soul so that you, my brave girl, my hearted girl! It’s so hard to say goodbye to you … I have taught me so much with that beautiful, hopeful, brave, determined heart … Thank you. Thanks a thousand times to the whole team! My dear whole team, who put he heart and made a great effort! “