Melisa Aslı Pamuk will never forget that night when the first episode of the EGO series was broadcast!
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2 April 2023 09:01


Melisa Aslı Pamuk will never forget that night when the first episode of the EGO series was broadcast!

The new series of Sunday evenings, EGO (Do Not Trust Men), came to the screen with its first episode on the evening of February 5th. The series, which has been promoting for a long time, has been a subject of curiosity with its story and actors.

Directed by Doğa Can Anafarta and written by Erkan Birgören and Tuna Görgün, the earthquake that took place on the evening of the broadcast of the series caused a great nightmare to the whole country, and also caused a different pain to Melisa Aslı Pamuk, the actress of the EGO series!

The 7.7 magnitude earthquake in Kahramanmaraş-Elbistan, covering 10 provinces, at 04:17 on the night of February 6, hours after the first episode of the series, which was produced by Pastel Film, “EGO,” shook everyone!

Melisa Aslı Pamuk, who is excited to return to the screen after a long time, learned that two members of her family were under a dent on the night she was excited about her new series!

After the disaster in the morning, the famous actress tried to make her voice heard on social media. She stated on her social media account that her grandmother could not walk, she was sick, and she was trapped in the building where they lived with her aunt.

The actress, who was in a great rush for her grandmother and aunt living in Antakya and desperately waiting for a response to calls for help and support from Istanbul, started to wait by giving her full address.

In these painful moments, she asked if there was anyone in the area who could help, stating that the actress did not know what the condition of the apartment was.

The good news came after the actress waited for long hours in rush and sadness! Melisa Aslı Pamuk, who reached her relatives about 9-10 hours after her sharing, gave the good news by saying, “Both my grandmother and my aunt survived.”

The actress, who went through a painful process with the whole of Turkey, tried to convey the cries for help on social media, like many people who could not reach their relatives.

For Melisa Aslı Pamuk, the night of February 6 was a night that she will never forget, just like the whole country. However, the actress shared a common feeling with thousands of people who were trying to reach their relatives that night. The night the new series EGO was first broadcast, it will now have a much different meaning for the actress!

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