Artists News Mert Fırat became a father

Mert Fırat became a father

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The daughters of Mert Fırat and İdil Fırat couple were born yesterday. Mert Fırat, excited about being a father, made his first statement.

Mert Fırat, who takes the lead role in the Redemption series, which will start on the Fox TV screen on Sunday, November 22, experiences different emotions with the birth of his daughter. The actor said, “It’s so strange, it still can’t be fully humanized. God is a beautiful, healthy baby. A girl child, ”he said.

Underlining that they do not have a baby or a boy discrimination, the famous actor Mert Fırat, who corrected some erroneous information that the baby is a boy, stated that his daughter’s name is Seyhan Mia. So where did this name come from? Journalists asked, Mert Fırat answered.

Reminding that Seyhan and Mia are river names, the actress said, “İdil’s name is the name of the old Volga river. It is an idyllic river. Fırat is our surname, it is also a river. Seyhan is too. “Let the future flow like rivers and floods.”

Underlining that his wife İdil Firat is also in very good health, the actress said that she took her baby in her arms and it felt very strange.