Mert Kılıç and Aslıhan Güner's couple broke new ground together after years!
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7 October 2022 10:15


Mert Kılıç and Aslıhan Güner’s couple broke new ground together after years!

Famous actress Aslıhan Güner will return to the sets with her new movie project, Hiç (Nothing). At the beginning of last season, the actress, who started the series called Uzak Şehrin Masalı (The Tale of the Far City), had the misfortune of the short duration of the project.

The actress, who starred in the movie Komutan (Commander) with her husband Mert Kılıç, also revealed that she started reading the script of the movie “Hiç” with her social media post. Two successful actors were seen by the cameras and stated that they had a busy period.

Aslıhan Güner, who will be in front of the camera soon for the psychological drama, Hiç, said that she went to rehearsals. Aslıhan Güner, who will share the lead role with Onur Tuna, is excited about the new project.

Stating that the movie Komutan (Commander) will be released on October 7, Mert Kılıç expressed that he is excited about it. The couple, who was happy to be involved in the same project together, reminded that they had been in front of the camera before.

Mert Kılıç said, “We had taken part in the same project with Aslıhan before, it is the first of its kind as a feature film. It was a project we had planned for a very long time. It’s been about 5 years. It’s a job we take very seriously. I hope it’s a job with a very high sense of emotion and a completely good social message. We did it in a difficult process, we did it during the pandemic. Despite all the difficulties, we brought the project to this shape”.

The movie “Komutan”, which tells the story of a cross-border operation, was inspired by a true story that took place in the Barış Pınarı operation. Mert Kılıç said that the audience will watch a movie with high emotion and action, and that the sense of reality will also be intense.

Stating that they brought a director from abroad for the action scenes of the movie, Mert Kılıç emphasized that this was done to make the scenes more realistic.

The duo of Mert Kılıç and Aslıhan Güner had previously shared the same set in the TV series called Şefkat Tepe. The series, which started in 2010, continued until 2014, and the couple, who furthered their friendship on the set, declared their love and then got married.

Explaining that his wife is his biggest supporter in the movie project, Mert Kılıç said, “Aslıhan has such a feature. She has an incredible emotional scene, she sang a beautiful lament with her own voice. The tension of that dramatic scene came to a very different point with her voice.”

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