Series News Mert Yazıcıoğlu’s character of the series he wants to play

Mert Yazıcıoğlu’s character of the series he wants to play


Love 101 series met with the audience on the Netflix platform. The first season of the series, which has 8 episodes, was published and received positive comments on social media.

Netflix. It is not yet known whether the second season of Love 101, the third original Turkish series, will be available. Kaan Urgancıoğlu stated in an interview that they did not know about the second season, and that Netflix would decide according to the returns from the first season.

Urgancıoğlu said, “We do not have any information at the moment. Netflix will explain if there is any improvement, ”he said. However, many viewers have started to question whether it will be the second season. These requests are also going to Netflix, and a statement may be made soon.

The meeting of Love 101 players with İbrahim Selim on youtube was also very talked about. There was a remarkable detail in the pleasant conversations of the players. Mert Yazıcıoğlu, who played the character of Osman, played by Selahattin Paşalı, also wanted to play.

Yazıcıoğlu made a confession and said, “When the script first came to me, I said to the director Ahmet Katıksız,” Can I play Osman? “But he said,” No, he won’t come to you. ”