Artists News Can Yaman’s Spanish attack found a great echo!

Can Yaman’s Spanish attack found a great echo!


It was revealed that the famous actor Can Yaman started learning Spanish during this period when he was resting at home due to the coronavirus epidemic. The actor made an effort to learn Spanish with the help of the internet and books.

With the announcement of this news, Spanish fans shared many compliment and support messages.

Can Yaman, who is going to shoot Mr. Wrong in summer together with Özge Gürel, also shared his fans with his Spanish social media account.

Can Yaman, who said that he is now beginning to understand his fans’ messages, stated that he wants to interview in Spanish in the future.

“When do we speak Spanish?” From the Divinity channel Can Yaman previously interviewed. A message was shared.

Many Spanish fans left a message on this post on twitter. Fans who convey their love to the actress stated that they are also very happy to learn Spanish.