Merve Dizdar became the spokesperson of the great ordeal of women with the TV series Ömer!
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28 January 2023 19:20


Merve Dizdar became the spokesperson of the great ordeal of women with the TV series Ömer!

Star TV now has the TV series Ömer, which deeply affects the audience on Monday evenings, and Merve Dizdar stands out as one of the most important names in this production.

The actress, who is still in memories with the character of Gülben in the Masumlar Apartmanı (Innocent Apartment) series, has now appeared in front of millions of viewers with a completely different female character after this 2 seasons of great success. While Merve Dizdar is embracing the spirit of the character, you can see that she is also greatly influenced by the character of Nisa.

The character of Nisa, who has five children and clings to life by protecting the values she believes in, experiences a great shock when she is abandoned by her husband one day. She doesn’t want to believe it, but she, the biggest ordeal of many women in life, is faced with the situation of taking care of her children alone.

Playing such a character has emerged as a very important role in Merve Dizdar’s outlook on life. While the TV series Ömer gets good ratings as a successful project, Merve Dizdar also shows a strong acting.

The famous actress commented on Nisa, who had a marriage that her father did not approve and had five children:

“Since I first read our script, I think Nisa is a very strong character. She lives a very difficult life, so we often saw the moments when she felt sad and sad in the first episode. For example, we saw that she never believed that her husband left her with five children… It’s the effect of a shock, she can’t believe that someone bhe really loves would do this to her.”

The character of Nisa, who represents the women who sacrifice their lives for their children and has examples in real life, also brought an important experience opportunity for Merve Dizdar.

The actress expressed that the character gives her strength with the following words: “Nisa is a strong woman who has taken responsibility for her five children and can follow what she believes in. As I become a partner in Nisa’s story, I can understand that wonderful mature woman inside Nisa as I read it. This gives me strength as Merve.”

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