Artists News Metin Akdülger gives a remarkable message with his 4th consecutive series choice!

Metin Akdülger gives a remarkable message with his 4th consecutive series choice!


Metin Akdülger joined the celebrities of the Disney Plus world with his new series preference! The Turkey operations of the Disney Plus platform are talked about a lot, and Metin Akdülger has joined the screen… Both male and female actors from Engin Akyürek to Aras Bulut İynemli and from Demet Özdemir to Pınar Deniz are making deals with Disney Plus.

Disney Plus, which will start its broadcasts in 44 more countries, including Turkey, at the beginning of the summer, gives special importance to Turkey as a serial production center… Platform officials make deals with famous names one after another for domestic productions, and agreements are made with prices far above the market.

It is also clearly seen that Disney Plus has started to take over the Turkish series industry one by one and follows a strategy of connecting many famous names to itself. The last person to join these famous names was Metin Akdülger.

Born in Bursa in 1988, the actor is one of the names that impresses with his charisma. The actor, whom we have been watching on the sets since 2013, first attracted a lot of attention with the character of Orkun in the TV series Medcezir.

Metin Akdülger, whom we watched in one project after another, prefers to take part in digital productions… The actor, whom we last watched on TV in 2017 in the TV series Muhteşem Yüzyıl Kösem, preferred digital series in his last 3 projects.

Metin Akdülger, who portrayed the character of Ateş in the TV series Şahsiyet, then enchanted his fans with the character of Ozan in the series Atiye. Finally, the actor showed off his skills once again with the Netflix series Club.

Metin Akdülger is now the new screen face of Disney Plus after appearing in 3 important digital series in a row. The actor accepted the offer from the TV series Dünyayla Benim Aramda (meaning: Between the World and Me).

The actor, whom we will watch in the character of Kenan, who will join the story later on, will take the lead role with Demet Özdemir, Buğra Gülsoy and Hafsanur Sancaktutan with this agreement.

The actor does not want television projects, which is understood among the many offers that come to him. The more planned and more opportunistic structure of digital series has also been the choice of Metin Akdülger. The actor, who has not been in television series for 5 years, gives a message with this attitude.

Due to the intense working environment and unplannedness of the television series, some actors do not want to evaluate the offers.