Expression of admiration for Ekin Koç's colleague Metin Akdülger became a hot topic on social media
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29 March 2023 15:11


Expression of admiration for Ekin Koç’s colleague Metin Akdülger became a hot topic on social media

Famous actor Ekin Koç, in an interview, “Who would you like to play with?” attracted attention with his answer to the question. The famous actor’s answer to this question was a surprise to many. Generally, young actors prefer veteran names in the industry rather than their peers who are the same age.

However, Ekin Koç said, “I would like to take part in a project with Metin Akdülger.” When the reporter expressed that they expected to sing one of the more masterful names, the actor also expressed that he wanted to take a role with Haluk Bilginer.

It was quite remarkable that Ekin Koç wanted to take part in the same project, especially with a colleague who was in the same age group as him. These words of the actor on social media also attracted the attention of many TV series fans.

Shares were made as “Producers are on duty for the partnership of Ekin Koç and Metin Akdülger”, and an expectation of a project in which two actors will take place on social media has emerged.

It is not known whether the producers will prepare a project that will bring together Ekin Koç and Metin Akdülger, or whether this desire of the actor to give both names in the same project makes sense…

However, the striking point here is that a successful name like Ekin Koç, who is 30 years old, liked the performance of his colleague, who is only 4 years older, and showed courage by explaining this.

In the competition between the actors, it is not uncommon to say words that will highlight someone of the same age as him, so an issue that is very normal in Ekin Koç’s emotional world can be quite remarkable on social media.

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