Artists News Metin Akdülger, the Ozan of the TV series Atiye, joined the cast of The Club!

Metin Akdülger, the Ozan of the TV series Atiye, joined the cast of The Club!

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Metin Akdülger, who came to the fore with the character of Orkun in the Medcezir TV series, continued to attract attention with his production named Analar and Anneler. Akdülger, who gave life to the 4th Murad character in the Magnificent Century Kösem series, later made a name for himself with his digital series projects.

The actor, whom we watched with the character of Ateş in the award-winning series called Persona, then took the lead role with the character of Ozan in the Netflix series called The Gift. Metin Akdülger’s new project in 2021 has also emerged.

It turned out that Metin Akdülger was in the lead role of the new Netflix series named Club (Kulüp), which brought together Barış Arduç and Gökçe Bahadır in the lead role. Birsen Altuntaş from TV100 shared the latest developments regarding the Club, of which Salih Bademci, Fırat Tanış and Aside Selma Kalebek also joined their staff.

Director Zeynep Günay Tan, who is at the head of the project in which a meticulous selection of actors was made, continues preparations with her team, and it was determined that Metin Akdülger was the last participant in the series, where shooting will begin on January 26

The story of the project, which will be broadcast on Netflix, takes place in the 1950s… Gökçe Bahadır, which I will watch as a former prisoner working in the night club in the character of Matilda, took part in the musical project named Girls of İzmir last year and is expected to reflect her experiences in the series.

Fans of the series who will watch Asude Selma Kalebek as Matilda’s daughter Raşet will see Metin Akdülger as the boss of this club, Orhan.

Salih Bademci gives life to the singer named İsmet. Barış Arduç will play the role of taxi driver serving the club as Fıstık İsmet.