Artists News Miray Daner will surprise her fans

Miray Daner will surprise her fans

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Bringing together masters and young names such as Nejat İşler, Boran Kuzum, Miray Daner and Erkan Can, the team of BluTV’s new special production ‘Respect-Bir Ercüment Çözer Series’ joined the program Seyir Dünyası on tv00. Miray Daner explained that she was very excited to take part in this production and that they were doing a meticulous work.

The actress, which we will watch with Helen character in the series, will attract attention with her different image and the struggle for justice. Miray Daner said, “We are very excited. Respect is a job we really believe in. We entered the set with very hard work. We are looking forward to October 27… ”he said.

Explaining Helen, a tough character, Miray Daner said, “Helen is someone who grew up alone and without love, the lack of love is too much. A girl whose family ties are not very strong. For this reason, he learned to survive alone in life. He is a very free spirit, a strong character ”.

The character of Helen in Miray Daner’s TV series Respect will surprise everyone 1

Stating that there will be a passionate and great love between Helen and Savaş character played by Boran Kuzum, Miray Daner stated that the character has great resentment towards life.

The character of Helen, who will try to create her own pursuit of justice as a result of a bad incident, will impress the audience.

Savaş, as Boran Kuzum, is a lonely person in the crowd. “This happens in two ways. You are isolating yourself individually from the society. Or you are left out by being marginalized by a community. The war is actually a young man left alone by being exposed to both. “He is trying to exist in this system.”

War, who has gone through a bad event, will go on a path where they will have a lot of questioning with Helen, whom he will fall in love with.