Series News ‘Mrs. Fazilet’ tv series angry at the spectators

‘Mrs. Fazilet’ tv series angry at the spectators


‘Mrs.Fazilet and Her Daughters’ tv series are over, but the audience’s anger does not end!

The last episodes of the ‘Mrs.Fazilet and Her Daughters’ tv series, which say farewell to the final of the season we left behind on Star TV screens, have been criticized seriously.

In fact, the series had a story that could go on for another 2-3 seasons, when there was a drop in the rating with the screenplay mistakes coming up, and then Star TV wanted to finalize it with the thought that it would be risky to publish it on the new season.

We can see in the commentaries reflected in the social media that the audience’s anger has not passed, although a considerable time has passed after the final of the series.

From the first episode of the series, the audience watched the expression that could be summed up as a spectator watching “The only reason was to see the 2 minute scenery of Yağız and Hazan”.

Some viewers say they are watching for Yağız-Hazan until the end, although they think it is very important to leave the line.

“Maybe this episode is beautiful,” and we end up saying that there are a lot of people who have a lot of hope.

Viewers are most responsive to scriptwriters in the ‘Mrs.Fazilet and Her Daughters’ tv series. If there were no script errors, the tv series could have been going on for another couple of seasons, but when the mistakes were over, this possibility was up.

It seems that the ‘Mrs.Fazilet and Her Daughters’ tv series is not out of the mind of the audience.