Series News ‘Lifeline’ tv series has big changes

‘Lifeline’ tv series has big changes

The ‘Lifeline’ TV series was very popular last season.

Rating records will be made in the new season of the abdominal tv series many changes.

The series’s new season shootings begin on Wednesday, July 25th.

The audience was delighted at the beginning of the shootings early on.

There have been changes in the serial director team and screenwriter team.

The story of the tv series will also be important arrangements.

MehmetAliNuroğlu had the right to separate, but this claim is not true.

UlaşTunaAstepe and IremHelvacıoğlu’s played in the lead, will continue with the same staff.

We will encounter new characters in the new look at the series.

Producer OsmanSınav said in later chapters that they planned to add new characters to the story, and therefore new stories.

‘Lifeline’ TV series will be more exciting with new names in season.