Artists News Things that Öykü Gürman wants to change the time back and change

Things that Öykü Gürman wants to change the time back and change


Famous singer and actress Öykü Gürman performed successfully with the Lifeline series on the television screen.

The actress, who started the series of Temt me Love, was also in the series with her songs.

The shooting of the Temt me Love series was interrupted due to the coronavirus pandemic. Evaluating this period, Öykü Gürman is doing a program with Ferdi Kurtuldu at ATV.

Gürman shows herself in this program with her energetic state and songs.

Speaking to Women’s Style magazine, Öykü Gürman admitted that she would change things in her life if she had a chance to return 10 years ago.

Expressing that she always stands behind her decisions, Öykü Gürman explained that there are also events she desires not to happen. Seeing all these experiences as an exam and test, Gürman continued her words as follows:

“People learn something from everything they experience and this process causes maturation. I prefer to look ahead and make healthy decisions instead of worrying about the past.

What we call experience is not the happiness we experience, but the situations when we are sad, angry, or broken. This is how people grow, it is more valuable to know what we do not want more than what we want.

The places where I hurt the most are people or situations where I know everyone as myself and that I approach and disappoint with kindness. I am one of those who believe that no one can change anyone.

Man can only transform, file her deficiencies, but does not change. Happiness goes through accepting everything as it is, and expectations can often be disappointing.

For this reason, I am for the fact that man does not care much about herself or her environment. When I look back, instead of acting with my emotions, I would say if I acted with a little more logic, because the person repairs the wounds very hard and the sense of trust is inevitably shaken. But in the end, everyone walks the way she chooses, she chooses her own life, and all kinds of evil can happen to her.

If the same mistakes are repeated, a person cannot learn from her mistakes. This, however, would only be corrosive and sad. Nobody wants to live with harm. The best medicine, the best teacher, is one’s own conscience. “