Series News What happened in the Lifeline series also happened in the A Miracle series

What happened in the Lifeline series also happened in the A Miracle series


Özge Özder and Merve Dizdar experienced the same thing that happened in the series of Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu! Lifeline series at the beginning of the third season, completed its screen life.

One of the remembered characters of the series is Vedat. Mehmet Ali, played by Vedat was so Nuroğlu do evil, a term Turkey always spoke to him.  It has been a long time since the series ended, but you can still Lifeline agenda.

Although Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu said goodbye to the series long before the final, what happened to him is not forgotten among his colleagues. Özge Özder and Merve Dizdar, who portray the characters who are portrayed as bad in the A Miracle series they live in, experience the same Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu experiences.

Some of the viewers insist on not separating fiction and real life, and social media reflects this. For a period, Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu was lynched on social media. Özge Özder and Merve Dizdar made comments about their similar situations.

Two famous names met in youtube chat. Explaining how enjoyable it is to play the characters described as bad, Özge Özder explained what happened to Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu with a laugh.

Özge Özder, who did not forget the comment that a follower wrote to her, said: “What did they write to me the other day … ‘Everyone’s followers are on the ceiling, but those who always play the bad character are followed less frequently. Actually, it doesn’t mean don’t worry. He went to my neighborhood very much. They are lynching you. The roles I enjoy playing are called bad. ”

Özge Özder reminded of what happened to Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu, who played the character of Vedat, who marked a period.

The famous actress stated that she had the same situation and said: “You know a time when the Lifeline series broke. The worst of the rate is Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu. You are looking at they do not even want to follow the child. They are lynching ”

Merve Dizdar, who explained that playing a character that is described as bad is very impulsive, does not understand that the viewers take the characters in the story too seriously.

Merve Dizdar said, “We are being taken very seriously. Özge is not a joke. It’s a very sweet, weird thing. The bad role is huge. I think it’s a tremendous thing that every player should play once. ”

Explaining that the viewers do not want to see the names they see as bad on the screen on social media, Özge Özder: “For the audience, he no longer sees our title in Instagram. “Will I see this on Instagram?” They take it very seriously, ” she said.

Özge Özder, who portrays the character of Kıvılcım in the Miracle Doctor, the most successful series of the season, had a great reaction on social media.

Merve Dizdar, who gave life to the character of Damla in the series, also received serious reactions on social media, as she played a badly described role.

The actors who describe this situation with a smile cannot make sense for the viewers to take the series too seriously.