Series News Murat Ünalmış returned to the screen strong, the story of the Gülcemal series is very deep!

Murat Ünalmış returned to the screen strong, the story of the Gülcemal series is very deep!


Gülcemal series met with the audience on the Fox TV screen on Thursday evening with its second episode. Melis Sezen and Murat Ünalmış are in the lead roles in the series. The series became one of the alternative productions of Thursday evenings with a strong story.

The story of the series took place with the harsh encounter of Gülcemal and Deva characters at first, but over time, the story will deepen and a completely different landscape will emerge.

Giving information about the character of Gülcemal, Murat Ünalmış said that the character, who seems to be scary, is actually trying to protect himself by showing himself like this.

Murat Ünalmış explained that the reason why people try to impose themselves with a harsh character image in order not to be harmed by others in today’s world is the sense of protection.

The famous actor gave the following information about the character of Gülcemal in the series: “He grew up without love. He has a sister. Gülcemal and Gülendam. We are actually using the rose metaphor here. His name is Gülcemal and it also has a metaphorical meaning. He has shut himself down, essentially like a Count Dracula story. In this work, we are telling when a man who has closed his castle, Gülcemal, will be seen.”

Many viewers feel that the character of Deva, played by Melis Sezen in the story of the series, will soften Gülcemal and fill her heart with love.

Murat Ünalmış also explains that the inner world of the character is different and that the story will be built on this transformation process.

Here are the words of the actor about his view of the character in the series:

“He’s not a scary man, actually, he looks scary. In fact, he does this on purpose. We can call it methods of protection from people. It is one of the methods that real people resort to in life. He is a character who thinks that instead of knowing you very well and hurting them, it is better to know a little differently and stay away. That’s why he shut himself down. It’s really tough on the outside too.”