My Home My Destiny series has serious criticism
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3 December 2022 23:17


My Home My Destiny series has serious criticism

At the end of tv8’s My Home My Destiny series, which has been a matter of curiosity when it will be broadcast for a long time, a promotion came. While the introduction of the 13th episode made the audience happy, the release date has not been clarified yet. However, it was clear from the first episode that the series will bring some criticisms in the new season!

The harmonious screen collaboration of İbrahim Çelikkol and Demet Özdemir and the series, adapted from a lived story, attracted great attention last season. It was noteworthy that Demet Özdemir took part in a production other than romantic comedy after the Early Bird series.

While the young actress conquered the hearts with the character of Zeynep in her new series, the continuation of the series began to be eagerly awaited. The shooting of My Home My Destiny series had not started yet, due to the shooting of stock episodes after the pandemic last season. The excitement peaked with the start of the shooting last week.

With the trailer that came this week, the audience saw that it would be in a gripping story again in the new season, but there was a situation that reminded the series The Ambassador’s Daughter. The audience also started to criticize Zeynep, thinking that the character of Zeynep will turn into a loser after the first season.

In The Ambassador’s Daughter, starring Neslihan Atagül and Engin Akyürek, the character of Nare was loved as an educated, strong woman, but Sancar’s forced to live in the same house with his wife Menekşe in the new season drew great reactions.

It turned out that a similar situation will be experienced in the series My Home My Destiny. The audience was very surprised when Benan, Mehdi’s ex-lover, came to the family mansion where Zeynep and Mehdi lived. The reason why the two lived together with Benan, which seemed to cause great problems in their marriage at every opportunity, was the subject of criticism!

The audience, who wants Zeynep not to be crushed by the Benan character, is seen in some social media comments that an educated woman who is preparing to wear a lawyer gown cannot make sense of falling into such a situation.

The series has not started yet, but with the promotion, it is understood that this trend in the story will not be liked by the audience at all. Let’s see if My Home My Destiny series will also be exposed to intense criticism on social media about The Ambassador’s Daughter series?

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