All Series My Name is Angel | Subject – Cast – Trailers – Episodes – Video

My Name is Angel | Subject – Cast – Trailers – Episodes – Video

admin / Special Analysis – My Name is Angel is the Turkish series broadcast on TRT1. Prepared by Üs Yapım. Cem Akyoldaş assumed the duty of directing. The series wrote the script together with Nilüfer Özçelik and Berfu Ergenekon. The shooting of the series began in August 2019. The first shots were shot in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia. Then the team made some shots in Istanbul. Work continued in Gaziantep, the main shooting location of the series.

Channel: TRT1
Producer: ÜS Production
Genre: Drama
Release Date: September 25, 2019
Venue: Serbia, Istanbul, Gaziantep
Duration: 120 minutes
Music: Aydilge
Starring: Nehir Erdoğan, Kutsi, Kaan Çakır, Şerif Sezer, Mustafa Mert Koç, Rabia Soytürk.
Cast: Ulvi Kahyaoğlu, Ece Özdikici, Hande Kaptan, Muharrem Türkseven, Poyraz Ar, Mehmet Çevik, İsmail Açıl.


Social media accounts of the series are actively used. Trailers from all accounts, photos from the series and various information are shared. On the day of the broadcast, the important scenes of the series are published. You can find both short short scenes and all episodes and trailers on Youtube channel.

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The My Name is Angel series is a drama production. It has a heavy topic. The series revolves around the angel character Melek Erdogan. It caught a good exit with its ratings. However, criticisms were made that the script started repeating itself. My Name is Angel, while the series received high ratings at first, but could not prevent its ratings from decreasing in the following period. The series found great support in social media. Fans of the series were also pleased with the harmony of Nehir Erdoğan and Kutsi.


My Name is Angel, emphasizing that motherhood is not to give up despite all the difficulties, but rather to hold on to life for children; It is about Melek’s rebuilding her life with her family and children. In the series where Nehir Erdogan’s Angel character comes to life, a mother’s effort to survive and her life struggle with her three children are noted.

Melek’s most precious in life: her children…

Melek will struggle with her commandment and rebellion against her daughter Defne (Rabia Soytürk), who is on the one hand, while returning to her father’s hearth with her three children because of her experiences, and on the other hand, she will deal with what happened to her son Kerem (Ulvi Kahyaoğlu) because of his football love. Her young son Seyit Ali (Poyraz Ar), on the other hand, will always be a source of joy for his mother with his lively character who finds something to be happy in any situation.


Actor (Character)
Nehir Erdoğan (Melek)
Kutsi (Halil)
Kaan Çakır (Alpay)
Şerif Sezer (Nefise)
Mustafa Mert Koç (Ömer)
Rabia Soytürk (Defne)
Ulvi Kahyaoğlu (Kerem)
Ece Özdikici (Funda)
Hande Kaptan (Kadriye)
Muharrem Türkseven (Mahmut)
Poyraz Ar (Seyit Ali)
Mehmet Cevik (Seyit Ali Karadag)
İsmail Açıl (Adnan)


The magnificent mansions we see in the series are among the works reflecting the history of Gaziantep. Haleplizade Mansion and Gazi Mansion are the locations where the series was shot. In addition, the name of the inn in the scenes with shops is Mecidiye Han…


Dedicating the song in her generic music to all women who have been subjected to violence, singer Aydilge said that she has been offered a lot of money until now, but she has rejected productions that contain violent women. There is a purpose for Aydilge to make this music for the series. The right and great struggle of an oppressed woman is described in the series.


The first trailer of the My Name is Angel series was published in August 2019 through TRT and the social media accounts of the series. The first images were highly appreciated. The first images presented with Ferdi Tayfur’s song “I Missed You” were very interesting.

First Introduction:

You can find all the published trailers of the My Name is Angel series in the ‘Playlist’ section of the youtube channel.

All Trailers:


The first season of the My Name is Angel series started on Wednesday, September 25, 2019. The first season continued with 28 episodes. After the 28th episode, published on Wednesday, 8 April, no other episodes have been released. Due to the coronavirus epidemic, the shooting on the set of the series was interrupted in mid-March.

You can watch all the episodes of the My Name is Angel series from the “Playlist” on the Youtube official page.


Impressive clips were released from the scenes of the My Name is Angel series. These clips were shared on the show’s youtube channel. You can find these video clips below:

Aydilge – The Tale of Loneliness

Defne’s stage performance – My Name is Angel Episode 1

Purple Meni in Garden – Ünal Zorer – My Name is Angel Part 2

When the Season is Spring – 4th episode:

Black Eyed Love – 7th episode:

Endless Love – 27 episodes:


The images behind the camera of the series shot in many different structures in Gaziantep are also published on youtube channel from time to time. In the shots of a family atmosphere, the actors fused with each other. There is a harmonious cooperation between both the technical team and the players.