There is a big message from Hazal Kaya
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5 October 2022 02:04


There is a big message from Hazal Kaya

The famous actress Hazal Kaya made two surprises today. She first showed her son Fikret Ali’s face for the first time on Mother’s Day sharing. Hazal Kaya brought her son to the world in November 2019 and had never shown her face ever since.

The second surprise Hazal Kaya United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) ‘s Turkey was doing a live broadcast from instagram account of the office. The actress answered the questions and drew attention with her important messages. She also mentioned her post today. Expressing that she shares her makeup without makeup and birth weights are seen in the photograph, Hazal Kaya has set a goal while doing this.

Hazal Kaya said, “I shared the photos I shared today without makeup. Immediately people expect you to lose weight after birth. You think you need to lose weight fast, look good. This is also a pressure. Then I realized that. When can I gain weight like this again? It is not possible once. I ate as I wanted with pregnancy. My doctor had an approach to eat whatever you want. She explains how good you look, how good you feel “.

This weight loss pressure for women giving birth had previously created problems for Fahriye Evcen. Last year, the overweight of the actress became a mockery on social media, and then a campaign was launched to support Fahriye Evcen.

Hazal Kaya also conveyed an important message on this photo she gave with her pregnancy weight. The actress also gave the Mother’s Day message.

Hazal Kaya called out to those who labored with another creature, together with all mothers, and said: “Cat and dog mothers, plant mothers, all mothers, please do not feel missing. We all have shortcomings. Just find yourself worthy of love.”

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