Quarantine criticism from Eda Ece
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27 September 2022 08:46


Quarantine criticism from Eda Ece

Eda Ece plays the Yıldız character in the Forbidden Apple series. Especially the third season of the series brought great gains on behalf of the actress. The Forbidden Apple is even more popular. The Yıldız character also came to the fore and became the gripping name of the rating. Eda Ece improvised the character of the Yıldız by improvising with the permission from her director.

During the quarantine days we experienced due to the coronavirus epidemic, the player had the opportunity to rest. Speaking of a pressure about the need to produce constantly in this process, the actor listened to the psychologists and got rid of this pressure in a short time.

Stating that she feels like cooking constantly on the quarantine days in the youtube program she participates in, the player experiences conscience because she cannot start an 8-volume work.

Explaining that she had trouble starting something new, the actress mentioned that she no longer forces her to produce. Adopting the thoughts of psychologists in this direction, the actress said, “It is not healthy for man to go on herself. Do not produce, post anything. You should not have a burden on this. Because when you enter that vortex, you cannot come out.”

Eda Ece explained that she had always been cooking but started cooking whenever she wanted. Eda Ece, who explained that she ate less and made efforts to calm himself, applied a 7-day digital detox.

Explaining that she also needs socialization, the actor stressed that the psychology has changed from time to time.

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