Nesrin Cavadzade made a confession about the Üç Kuruş series she left
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5 December 2022 07:25


Nesrin Cavadzade made a confession about the Üç Kuruş series she left

Famous actress Nesrin Cavadzade is one of the celebrities who has always been on the agenda in social media. The actress, who is on the agenda with her pleasant poses from time to time, sometimes takes her place on the agenda with the productions she takes part in.

The actress, who played the character of Şahika with great success in the Yasak Elma )Forbidden Apple) series for 4 seasons, gave life to the character of Bahar in the TV series Üç Kuruş, this season. It was also revealed that the actress will leave the series before the finale.

You will watch the farewell of Bahar character in the 25th episode of Üç Kuruş, which has 24 episodes and 4 episodes remaining. The actress, who completed her shootings in the Üç Kuruş series, is now waiting for new projects.

Her fans, on the other hand, criticized the actress on social media that she appeared very little on the screen this season. Nesrin Cavadzade also finds these criticisms justified. However, this preference was followed not by the producer or screenwriter of the series, but because the famous actress herself wanted to appear less in the story.

She expressed why she appeared less in the Üç Kuruş series with the following words:

“Maybe I did not fully meet your expectations this season, I was less, I worked less, I appeared less in the project. But it was a bit of personal preference. There is no fault of the producer, the project, my dear team. It was just something about me becoming my cats’ caregiver. My cats are old. I have 3 cats they are 16 years old. I couldn’t work hard looking at them. It’s been such a season. I hope they will have more caregivers next year, I will work harder.”

With these words, the actress also explained that she will make a decision about new projects according to the condition of her cats.

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