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12 August 2022 18:59


Nesrin Cavadzade won the rating battle, her lover Gökhan Alkan lost!

The duo of Nesrin Cavadzade and Gökhan Alkan, who met on the set of Yasak Elma TV series and started to fall in love, competed against each other on Monday evenings.

Gökhan Alkan continues to come to the screens with Kalp Yarası series broadcast on ATV. Üç Kuruş, the series of Nesrin Cavadzade signed by Ay Yapım, started its screen adventure on Show TV last night.

Nesrin Cavadzade, who wonders what role she will appear in front of the audience after leaving Yasak Elma, starred in Üç Kuruş, starring Uraz Kaygılaroğlu and Ekin Koç, which was broadcast last night. She appeared before the audience as her beautiful daughter ‘Bahar’.

The fact that the series of the couple, who is in a happy relationship with her colleague Gökhan Alkan and even talked about getting married, coincided on the same day, brought to mind the question of “Who will win the rating war?”

In an interview with Nesrin Cavazdade, upon being reminded of this issue, she made the statement, “We are not competitors!” Although the beautiful actress did not see her lover as a rival, the rating results were announced and the winner of the day was Nesrin Cavadzade. The Üç Kuruş series left Kalp Yarası behind in the ratings.

According to the rating results of the series, programs and news published on Monday, November 1, 2021; In the total audience group, Yasak Elma took the first place, Üç Kuruş took the second place and Esra Erol took the third place.

In the EU Group, Yasak Elma took the first place, MasterChef Turkey took the second place, Fox Main News took the third place, and Üç Kuruş in the fourth place. Kalp Yarası series, on the other hand, was in the 7th place and could not be mentioned in the top three.

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