New actor in [Mehmed The Conqueror]

New actor in [Mehmed The Conqueror]


[Mehmed The Conqueror] series latest news …

A new actor on the series coming to the screen last week.

The series spoke highly of its name with its strong cast of actors and amazing productions.

Turkey has both praised and criticized for the series.

Another master actor joined the series.

This is the first time in the second episode on the series that the AltanErkekli will face the audience.

AltanErkekli, will recreate the character of the Muslihuddin.

Muslihuddin is one of the greatest architects of the Ottoman Empire.

Muslihuddin will always be with him during the conquest of Constantine of Sultan Mehmed Han, the greatest ruler of the Islamic world.

The series tells the story of Sultan Mehmed who wrote his name on the date pages in gold letters.