Series News [Mehmed The Conqueror] series will final

[Mehmed The Conqueror] series will final

[Mehmed The Conqueror] latest news …

ChannelD’s 3 biggest mistakes prepared the end of the line!

ChannelD ‘s big mistake was the trouble of KenanImirzalioglu !

Series has created a great expectation.

Because of ChannalD’s promotional campaign, which he had launched months ago about his series, the audience was perceived to have a much better series than the Magnificent Century.

The series, which had been dragged for months, was driven to the screen at a time when we were approaching the end of the season.

[Kenan ImirzalıoGlu, GUrkan Uygun, BUSra Develi, Cetin Tekindor, Hazal Filiz Kucukkose]  which brings together famous names, but series will be removed from the broadcast.

The series was never a bad build.

Even if it received serious criticism in the first part, it was not a history teaching or documentary.

Kenan Imirzalıoglu’s role was very well prepared and he performed a great acting.

CetinTekindor was a legend.

GurkanUygun attained an impressive performance with the character of Delibaş.

Series was a production that could be watched even if there were some problems in the development of the dialogue and the story about that turn.

ChannelD has made the biggest mistake in removing the index from the broadcast …

We can list 3 major errors.

1. The mistake was the creation of great expectations.
2. The error series was left to drag for a long time and was driven to the near future when the season was over.
3. The publication date of the error series is incorrectly selected.

However, the series could be preferred for Saturday or Sunday.

On the weekend meant more luck for the series.

However, ChannelD changed things after a very ambitious attitude and after a terrific return was not expected.

The big budget series did not make a big impact.

ChannelD’s new boss DemirorenGroup in order to avoid a great loss in the series had to decide to remove the series from the publication.

Series which will be on display on May 1 will be the final.