Series News [Be A Miracle] series was removed from the broadcast

[Be A Miracle] series was removed from the broadcast


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The actor of the series, accused the producer.

Discussions about the series ‘Be a Miracle’, which depart from the third section, also started

The lead producer, did he fool the actors?

FurkanPalali explained:

“Unfortunately for this project, which we started with full hearted belief in as the whole team, we persuaded many things we learned later that the process was not right from the beginning, and we only waited for our confidence.

We have already learned that there is no contract with the channel, and that the agreement made after completing the three-part filming is already in three parts.

I apologize to all my cast members who have been waiting to appear on the set for months and are persuaded to return to the set by my person, our set workers, and all the people who believe and support us.

I leave this information to you, in the light of it and in the hope that such a situation will not happen to any other team. ”