Series News New development that pleases the North Star series!

New development that pleases the North Star series!


The movement starts slowly in the series sets. The Bandits went on the set for 3 episodes and the season finale was also shot. The news that he came to the set from the Back Streets series also came in. Similarly, the Establishment Osman series started shooting.

While the news that brings delights from the series one by one comes, it is especially stated that the health measures are taken at the highest level. One of the productions that plans to go on the set is the North Star … Shooting of the series, which brings Aslıhan Güner and İsmail Demirci in the leading role, is shot in Ordu.

Since mid-May, the series has been stopped. In this period when the coronavirus epidemic is spreading, it is planned to go back to the set for May.

Birsen Altuntaş from TV100 shared the information that the North Star TV series was planning for May. The beloved series of Saturday evenings also takes first place in ratings.

Fans of the series were very happy with this news. The North Star is one of the few TV shows that make you laugh and entertain.