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6 July 2022 10:13


New interviews that make Hazal Subasi fans wonder!

Hazal Subaşı, who was popular with the character of Zehra in the TV series Adını Sen Koy, was one of the lucky actresses who came to the fore thanks to a daily series. Afterwards, the actress, who took part in different projects, made an important debut.

The actress, who made an impressive debut with the character of Bahar in Halka after the TV series Bir Umut Yeter, achieved the main popularity with the character of Nehir in the series Çukur. Many offers are coming to the actress who is in the cast of 3 different digital series called Bizi Ayıran Çizgi, Ölüm Kime Yakışır and Sıcak Kafa

Among the offers to Hazal Subaşı, there are also TV series projects. Her fans also send messages to the actress on social media to take part in the most new series projects.

Her followers, who want to see Hazal Subaşı on the television screen again, are in an effort to impress the actress by frequently sharing messages on social media.

The role that Hazal Subaşı accepted from the offers was the movie called Kötü Adamın 10 Günü. In the project in which Nejat İşler took the leading role; There are also two prominent female actors of the last period, such as Hazal Filiz Küçükköse and İlayda Alişan.

There is great expectation from the fans that Hazal Subaşı will take part in a series after this movie. After the character of Nehir in the Çukur series, the actress who has been talked about a lot on social media, let’s see how she will take part in a series of projects in 2022. We will continue to monitor and report developments.

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