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6 July 2022 18:47


Talented actor Fırat Tanış has a suggestion for his fans who want to be heroes!

Master actor Fırat Tanış creates unforgettable characters of projects with the different roles he plays in every production he takes part in. The actor was recognized by a wide audience with the character of “Adem”, which he portrayed in the İstanbullu Gelin series.

Fırat Tanış, who wore the characters he portrayed like a shirt on top of it and accomplished very successful works, made his mark on the screens with the character of “Aziz”, which he portrayed in the Netflix series Kulüp.

The actor gives life to the character of the French delegate “Monsieur Pierre” in the Aziz TV series broadcast on Show TV in the new season. The actor, whose name is also on the agenda with social responsibility projects from time to time, called his followers in his latest post on his Instagram account.

Sharing; ‘Saving lives is actually very easy! You can become a marrow donor by giving only 3 tubes of blood and filling out the necessary donation form. The player who dropped the note “We Have Goodness in Our Genes!” said the following;

‘Do you want to be a hero in the new year? You too can save a life by donating stem cells. Because goodness is in our genes!’ The sharing of the actor, who draws attention to the importance and necessity of stem cell donation, is also of great importance for his fans who want to take initiative in this regard.

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