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5 July 2022 14:33


You will love the voice of Lilya İrem Salman, who made her debut with the TV series Kardeşlerim

Lilya İrem Salman acts the character of Talia in the popular TV series, Kardeşlerim, which came to ATV screens with its second season this year. Salman, who is just at the beginning of her acting career, was the guest of Ferit Ömeroğlu from Hürriyet and surprised everyone with the song he sang on the air.

Lilya İrem Salman, who wanted to follow a different path when she was going to be a sailor, stated that her life changed when a surgeon friend of her father became interested in theater along with her profession and directed her to “Kırmızı Kalem”, which provides theater education.

“I said okay to my father’s friend and left. I’m also curious because there are people who are older than me and have a profession. When I walked in, I saw that they started talking about human. Looking at things from a different window caused me to open up other things in my own world. Later, I liked this situation and adopted it. İt touched me in such a sweet place. The idea of ​​being a sailor slipped out of my mind because this situation was too sweet for me. Because I will go, I will have adventures, it will be great, but I will be alone.”

Answering curious questions in different formats, Lilya İrem Salman impressed the audience with her naive, affectionate, cultured and polite manner in the interview and surprised the audience with her voice. The young actress who chooses two pieces according to her mood in daily life
She sang the songs Nights from Nilüfer and I’m Lonely Ben from Nilburak.

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