Series News No one had anticipated this! Was a murder committed in the Yalı Çapkını series?

No one had anticipated this! Was a murder committed in the Yalı Çapkını series?


Yalı Çapkını (The Kingfisher) series signed by OGM Pictures continues to leave its mark on Friday evenings! The 9th episode of the series, which was screened on Star TV, was on the air this week.

There was an episode that almost locked the audience on the screen. In the series, with the help of Abidin, Ferit and Seyran kidnapped Suna, whom her father wanted to marry by force, and brought her to their own mansion!

This kidnapping story, inspired by Ferit’s abduction scene in the Yeşilçam movie called “Mavi Boncuk”, when Emel Sayın is wrapped in a carpet, was brought to the screen in an entertaining way. Suna, who was very worried while running away from the house, first hid in Pelin’s house one night.

Then, on the pretext of buying a new carpet for their room, Seyran and Ferit ensured that Suna was brought into the mansion this way.

Suna, who came to the room, called her father with the suggestions of Seyran. Thinking that she should at least give some news, Seyran would later learn that she had made a big mistake! Kazım, who was very angry that Suna was already lost with her phone, got into a lot of cubes! Realizing that Seyran had a hand in this incident, Kazım took his breath in the mansion.

At a time when Ferit was talking to the Sultan in the garden, he went to their room! Seyran and Suna were helpless in the face of their father, who was forcing the door in fear!

While Suna was hiding, Seyran opened the door. While Kazım was hitting his daughter by sticking to his throat, Suna couldn’t stand it anymore and hit her father on the head with a dumbbell she picked up from the ground!

Just then, Ferit entered. Ferit, who did not see who was hitting with dumbbells, stared at Kazım’s image on the bed covered in blood.

The viewers of the Yalı Çapkını series, which ended bloody at the end of the 9th episode, are now wondering if Kazım is dead! The audience thinks that they are advancing to a story that no one could have predicted!

Although the audience is excited that this situation takes the series to a completely different place, they do not want Ferit and Seyran’s stories to go to another drama with a murder case!