No one will probably forget this scene of Yıldız, the phenomenon name of the Yasak Elma series, for a long time!
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30 September 2022 13:51


No one will probably forget this scene of Yıldız, the phenomenon name of the Yasak Elma series, for a long time!

The most absurd and funniest TV series of the screens, Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple), started to be broadcast on Fox TV with its last season. Many scenes in the series, which broke out again with the flood of laughter with the first episode that came to the screen this week, entertained the audience and brought some conversational dialogues. A scene that will not be forgotten for a long time is on the agenda of social media in Yasak Elma, which made a quick return to the screen with its 147th episode!

Ender and Yıldız, the indispensable names of the Yasak Elma series, almost poured out in the first episode of the new season! Bringing the categorized characters to life with their successful acting, Şevval Sam and Eda Ece continue to put their signature to the funniest scenes in the series. Along with the successful performance of the two actors, their harmonious screen partnerships also give the audience pleasant moments.

After the time jump happened in the 147th episode, it was revealed that Doğan was the person who caused Çağatay’s death by breaking the brakes of the vehicle, including Yıldız and Ender. While Doğan went to prison, Yıldız started to lead a rich life with the assets left by her husbands. Yıldız, who also has a daughter named Yıldız Su from Doğan, was also a wealthy woman who owned many mansions and maintained her alliance with Ender.

The funny situations of Ender and Yıldız in the house where they took Emir and Caner to get the tenant out of the house in their hippie costumes in the new episode was a scene that made the audience laugh. All the absurdities experienced make those who watch the Yasak Elma series have fun moments every time.

Yıldız, who is one of the leading names in the series, creates a different interesting situation and funny scenes in each episode with the successful acting of Eda Ece! A scene in the 147th episode fell into the language of the fans of the series on social media!

Yıldız, who learned that there will be a clip shooting in her side mansion and that Popstar Tarcan will come, cut her way at the door and kidnapped the man with the song she sang to him! The song Yıldız sang made everyone laugh!

This scene was also published on Med Yapım’s official account, and the humorous note shared was also the subject of humor!

In this scene, where the audience rained comments, Yıldız said, “The man’s ballot box has been destroyed, we are trashy men, the clean ballot box is filthy, we are raucous men…” and Tarcan’s escape made everyone burst into laughter!

It is clear from the comments that this scene of Yıldız will not be forgotten for a long time.

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