Did you pay attention to the strategy behind the choice of Akın Akınözü for the Tuzak series?
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28 September 2022 08:47


Did you pay attention to the strategy behind the choice of Akın Akınözü for the Tuzak series?

In tv8, which is preparing to make a big attack with the Tuzak (Trap) series, the subtle strategy of choosing Akın Akınözü as the lead also does not escape attention. You can no longer evaluate the TV series, which were broadcast on the television screen and shot with great effort, only with the ratings in Turkey.

Both the social media reflection of the TV series and the fact that important steps have been taken in their overseas sales with the support of this are facts that should be taken into account. There is a strategic point of view underlying the selection of Akın Akınözü as the lead actor in the TV series Tuzak.

In order to understand this point of view, first of all, it is necessary to know the international successes of the daily series, Canım Annem (My dear mother), which started on tv8 in February. Do you know that the series has been sold to 13 countries, including Spain?

There has been a great interest in this series in Latin America as well as in countries such as Bulgaria, Slovenia, Romania, Moldova, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Lithuania and Israel. This interest has grown exponentially with the successes achieved in Spain.

The TV series Canım Annem, which will also enter the markets of Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and Peru, will thus meet a wide audience in Latin America. It is expected that the series will attract great attention in these countries very soon and will spread rapidly to other South American countries.

After this information, it is necessary to know that Akın Akınözü has reached a very large fan base, especially in Latin American countries, some European and Middle Eastern countries.

With the great success of the Hercai series for 3 seasons, the name Akın Akınözü has also crossed the borders of Turkey. The actor, whose every step he took was carefully followed by millions of fans of the series, was constantly on the agenda with the series of Kaderimin Oyunu (My Destiny Game) last season.

This series remained a one-season project, but after the character of Miran, the interest of the audience in the character of Cemal was also striking. Akın Akınözü craze has been going on for a long time, especially on social media. For these reasons, the name Akın Akınözü seems to be one of the smartest choices for the TV series called Tuzak.

Considering that TV8 is able to sell even a daily series to 13 different countries and has made agreements to start broadcasting very soon in 4 Latin American countries, it will not be surprising that the Tuzak series with Akın Akınözü achieved a similar success.

At this point, it is an important strategy to choose the names that are known worldwide, especially in the sales markets, which the audience wants to see as the leading roles.

We are sure that Akın Akınözü will take part in the Tuzak TV series, and this series will be followed closely in many countries. With the shine of the series on social media, it should come as no surprise that broadcasters in different countries knocked on tv8’s door for this series.

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