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No such admiration


Our writer EceEr wrote:

HazalKaya and ÇağatayUlusoy Fans do not give up their goals

Everything started with the I Named Her Feriha tv series!

The series is over, but Feriha and Emir’s love is not over. Even now, after 11 years, this love has exceeded the borders of Turkey. Now he continues to throw it as a single heart all over the world. Unfortunately, the tv series ended with a finish that the audience did not want. The command was left alone, deviated from his path.

The fans had protested the “Emir’s Road” sequence because they did not want the directory to run without Feriha. The result is neither Feriha nor Emir. But years later, Feriha and Emir had their undying love for their series. This series gave us HazalKaya and ÇağatayUlusoy.

I guess no one could guess that the index will have such a big impact. HazalKaya and CağatayUlusoy found their place in hearts with the glitter of their stars. Hazal and Cagatay continue to climb to the top of their career, but unfortunately no producer has ever brought these two together.

Let’s just say “they did not bring” in fact not say what they can not bring!

All the fears of the producers are the shadow of “Feriha and Emir” in the new project to be created. HazalKaya and CağatayUlusoy are good friends, represented by the same manager, even with the same image designer in their special lives. Indeed, Hazal and Cagatay have already gathered together to take part in a project, but green light.

Here, but the part only depends on a good project and producer!
We are calling the producers to be together again in a new project for the HazCag duo from around the world without being exhausted. The TT, which we call the March issue, has had 1.4 million interactions.

Believe it or not, the work of the fans is getting tired and unhappy and it hurts me!

Why do not somebody come up and say “let’s go”? ÇağatayUlusoy’s Netflix project started “Protector”series. HazalKaya’s project Our Story goes to until the end of the season. What is the problem?

In fact, the problem is bigger than you think!
The current projects are not looking at this project because they are afraid that the production companies will fall into their jobs. What else could be wrong? I counted all the options that might be a problem. If you do not want to count again:

1- Feriha and Emir’s influence will be sought new in the project
2- New project builders avoid a situation that adversely affects the success of their projects.

But this is just a movie!
It is very difficult to get together in the series because of the projects in their hands. Then it could be a movie. Of course, this is also a drawback for the producers! If a movie is made, HazalKaya and CagatayUlusoy fear that their partners will not be liked …

However, with a realistic point of view, they can see that BurakDeniz is the “most admired actor” of HazalKaya after CagatayUlusoy. No one has a complaint from Burak Deniz! There is AyseAyşinTuran in the last project of CagatayUlusoy and nobody is disturbed from this partnership.

So in short, it’s been years since the fan base is actually a business!

They just want to see Hazal and Cagatay together again!
There is an enthusiastic, fanatical fan base that supports Hazal and Cagatay in all their projects until the end. This audience only wants to watch a new project that will create “LEGEND”. They say, “Do you want a piece of will?”

They just want to see this magical duo together again. If they want the project, they will be very happy if they want to advertise as “chewing gum”. What do you think of the producers?

Is there enough explanation for the unknown producers? I hope it is because March 30, 2018 TT is stronger, do not say you did not say!
You hope in life you walk before you run out …

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