Artists News [Bige Onal]’s TV series excitement

[Bige Onal]’s TV series excitement


[Bige Onal] preparing to return to the screen with the name of “My Dangerous Wife”, is very excited …

Actress, who gives life to SedaÇelik character who is ambitious in the series and can see everything for love, “The story caught me. The impellers will rotate separately in each section. We will be astounded by the audiences ”

Actress, who also responded to the questions about the loving Arasİynemli who plays a role in The Pit tv series, describes love as “Love like home is something for me. I can define it as peace “.

Actress explained how the relationship with the loving Aras  went to the following words:

“Aras gives me so much confidence and support. I feel peaceful by myself. This is very precious. ”